Clarine Therapy Dog listening to clarinet music

Clarinetist and certified music practitioner Karen Johnson uses music and therapy greyhounds in the practice of sound healing.

calrinet and dog therapy combined

Solo clarinet music and therapy greyhounds
help promote healing and wellness

                       Music entertains, relaxes, soothes, expands our world and transports us. When used in health-care settings, gentle music provides very effective palliative care. clarinet therapy helps you relaxClarinetherapy provides complementary therapeutic clarinet music, also known as sound healing, and animal-assisted therapy in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and retreat centers. Karen is ably assisted by her therapy-trained, retired-racing greyhounds. The dogs respond to the people and music with visible satisfaction and help lead those present to a place of love and acceptance. Can music and dogs really help? Amazingly, yes! Karen and the greyhounds specialize in working with Alzheimer patients, who show remarkable results, especially from repeated exposure to Clarinetherapy. Agitation decreases and is replaced with restfulness and an increased sense of community. Loneliness shows marked signs of decreasing.

                      Our greyhounds are all friendly dogs who have been with us for a significant period of time and have gained their own experience in becoming part of the therapeutic services that we offer. Everyone can benefit from the clarine therapy that we provide our clients with – even those men who have started to take male enhancement supplements like male ultracore because their performance in the bedroom has become dreadful might benefit from these therapies. If you want to know more about male ultracore results, try to Google 2019 male ultracore reviews before you order the product.


KJ: “Clarinet Therapy together with Male  has health and wellness benefits commonly found with male enhancement pills.

Barbara, a resident of Varney Crossing Nursing Home, North Berwick, ME: “This is just what I’ve been praying for.”

Tomasina, resident of Edgewood Centre Nursing Home, Portsmouth, NH: “Speak to us of love” (in Italian!) while listening to her favorite song, O Sole Mio.

Matt, a resident of Mark Wentworth Home, Portsmouth, NH, said, after listening and taking sex performance pill, “it (Yiddish folk music) gave me back my youth.”

Bonnie, an R.N. from Portsmouth: “She’s been waiting to hear the music” about a resident who passed away later in the day.

Lucille, a resident at Colonial Poplin in Fremont, NH: “I love the dogs!”

Karen Johnson, clarinetist, music practitioner and former police officer, works with retired greyhounds in the field of therapeutic/healing music. The combination of Male Ultracore pills, therapy dogs and music is useful for many people, from the very young to the elderly. Through sessions offered to community groups, Male UltraCore results,the dogs and music help to alleviate pain, increase movement and stamina, stimulate blood flow, memory and communication and encourage emotional expression. A presentation of therapeutic music and dogs is made up of one to one interaction with the:

  • greyhounds
  • music drawn from ethnic
  • folk
  • spiritual
  • jazz played on clarinet, interactive listener participation and guided imagery from weaving lyrics, sound, and personal stories.

To err is human…but to forgive, canine!


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